• How We thank veterans

    Sock Em'

     Sock Drive which runs from Veterans Day (November 11) thru first weekend of December, 
Drop off Ind

    We  Host a Sock drive Veterans Day through the first weekend in December.  You can drop off the brand new socks at the Independence Seaport Museum (211 South Christopher Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia) or email us thankourveterans@gmail.com

    Thank Em'

    You can fill out a postcard at the National Constitution Center or online  to say thank you to our veterans. 

    Veteran coffee club

    We host Veteran Coffee Clubs in different locations to assist Veterans with support, sharing resources and laughter.  If you are interested in more information email us at thankourveterans@gmail.com 

    Beat the heat

     We Host Free Movies for Veterans in partnership with AMC theaters and Little Debbie snack Cakes

    Hero's Hero Award

     We show our Gratitude for the individuals and companies that help us Thank Our Veterans


    We are open to New Ideas on how to Thank Our Veterans?  Are you interested in Volunteering?  Email us at thankourveterans@gmail.com

    WE Have Delivered

    As of 2018, Thank-A-Vet has 'Vetted'

    - 100,000 Hugs and Handshakes

    - 40,000 Thank You Cards

    - 30,000 Cups of Camaraderie (coffee)

    - 11,000 Pairs of Brand New Socks

    - 7,000 Thank-A-Vet Bracelets

    - 5,500 Coats

    - 25 Wheelchairs/ Scooters

    - 4 Holiday Parties

    - 2 Penguin Popsicle Parties

    - 1 Free Movie Event (Beat the Heat)

    Learn More

    If you are interested in finding more out about the history of Thank-A-Vet